Termites 10 Things to Look for around your home

 Termites 10 Things To Look For to reduce the risk of white ant attack and protect Your home.

white ants Cause on average 1.5 billion dollars worth of damage a year to Australia’s Homes, timber structures and businesses. Why are white ants so Dangerous.

Here are the 10 things to do to reduce the risk of white ants entering your home:

What to Look For On The Outside Of The House

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Damage caused by White ants can run into 100s of thousands of dollars

Firstly One of the most important things to look for is Moisture around the house. If you have a constant source of moisture next to your house it will attract white ants as they like us need this to survive. So check around the house for any leaking taps and fix it ,  if you can’t get a plumber.
Check to make sure your gutters are clear and Down pipes are not damaged or blocked and discharging water next to the house.

Termites 10 things to look for

Water discharge from a down pipe


A big attractant for termites is a garden alongside of the house.

Termites 10 things to look for

2 )Do not have gardens against your house as they retain moisture especially if you have mulch . If you want your gardens make sure they are kept clear of the house and are not covering weep holes , concrete slab edge or ant capping . Building requirements state you must have a minimum clearance of 75mm from the ground.  If any white ants are around you will see their mud tubes heading into your home .

Air Conditioners and Hot Water Systems

Over flow not connected

3) Air conditioner and hot water system overflows must be connected to the drainage system and if that is not possible add pipe and drain it away from the house . This is one of the main sources of moisture we find around most houses. Termites need these conditions to start new colonies.
If you are getting a new air conditioner or hot water system make sure the plumber connects the overflows to the drainage.


Water Tanks

4 ) Water tanks are generally found hard up against the house which is not ideal it not only obstructs the weep holes they discharge water to some extent .
You Should check regularly for leaks . Make sure the overflows are connected to the drainage and if possible move it away from the wall even 200 mm so you can see behind them .

Termites 10 things to look for

Tank too close to the house Termites 10 things to look for

Ground Levels around the house

Ground levels and bark obstructs the weep hole and inspection zone


5) Also check around the house at ground levels obstructing weep holes , ant capping and the slab edge .  Also make sure any timber structures are clear of the ground as this can allow undetected termite entry which is what we don’t want.
On a lot of occasions we find pathways are covering weep holes.This is not ideal as you won’t see termites entering the house and generally you can’t afford to rectify this due to costs in doing it but if you can do it!!


6) Check around the yard for any landscaping timber (retaining walls , garden edging etc). For termite activity and where possible replace these with other non timber products . Any stored timber needs to be clear of the ground . Do not store against the house that is just an open invite for termites to come visiting.
Remove any tree stumps .

Termite Management Systems

Termite treatment Notice

7) Check your termite barriers are up to date , generally you can find the termite notice in your Electrical meter box or even under your kitchen sink cupboard . The Termite Treatment Notice ( Durable Notice ) will tell you if the termite treatment is out of Date. It is very important to renew this to help protect your home.
Most people are reactive not proactive when it comes to white ants , you definitely don’t want to be reactive as this could cost you your Home and you do not want that.

Under The House

8) Sub floors are a great environment for termites. They are dark and moist so it is very important to make sure you have plenty of ventilation to keep things dry. Make sure you have no air conditioner and hot water system over flows draining into the sub floor . Any stored timber items should be removed or kept clear of the ground. Make sure no external drainage gets into the sub floor .

The subfloor inspection is one of the most important areas to inspect in a Termite Inspection.

The Sub floor is one of the most important areas to check for termites .

Inside the Home and what to look for :

9) The inside of your home is the hard part because of furniture and all those stored items in your house. Like the outside moisture is the number one thing for you to keep under control. So you need to make sure all your bathrooms and laundry areas are well ventilated . Check bathrooms and laundry for any leaks . A good indicator is mould so if you have this in these areas you may have a problem . White ants are hard to notice inside but some things to look for. Unusual lines in your giprock  which can indicate termite activity. Flaking paint on your timber trims . Also another place to look is in your roof void as termites love the heat generated in this area.


Termite Inspections
Roof Termite Damage

Termites 10 things to look for

10) Get regular termite inspections by a professional . Also it is recommended that you should have at least one a year . In fact The CSIRO recommends a competent pest inspection at least on a Yearly basis. In some cases more frequent depending on your risk of white ants. Remember where we live in South East Queensland we are in one of the worst areas in Australia for white ants. Furthermore Most homes are considered in the high risk category for termite attacks. Additionally you can find out more on inspections Here 


Additionally at Certified home inspections our mission is to educate You The homeowners how to protect your home from these termites. So give Vicki or Lauren a call on 0732008586 or Click Here  for a quote for your inspection .

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Termite Treatments.

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