Bed Bugs – How To Identify And Treat Them

Sleep Tight And Don't Let The Bed bugs Bite!

Having these Bugs Is Not A Personal Hygiene Issue! Biting Bugs invade all types of living quarters from High End Hotels to Humble Backpacker Hostels and everywhere in between. They are probably the most well traveled insect specie with infestations being spread mainly by luggage and "pre-loved" furniture.

The first thing many people do when walking into a hotel room is to throw their luggage up onto the bed or furniture. It sounds harmless but watch in the video on this page how fast and agile these insects can be. Clothes on furniture or carpeted floors can be infected with Bed Bugs, to then be thrown into your luggage bag and brought home.

The Adult Bugs can survive for over 12 months without feeding. This gives them the ability to forage through your home looking for a suitable food source. They mainly feed off people but will also attack pets as well.

Biting Insects are one of the most difficult pests to effectively treat. For a successful treatment we do a vary of modern techniques which collectively will destroy the infestation.

Where Do They Live?

Hidden around the frame of your bed, these biting insects come out to feed once you have gone to sleep. Once you settle down for the night and stop moving about they wait until they feel the warmth of your body heat and come out to eat. To produce eggs and survive the female needs a blood feed . The Bed Bug will pierce your skin using its needle like mouthpiece and draw enough blood in a few minutes to increase their body weight by five times. The Adult female Bed Bug will lay her eggs in the cracks and crevices of the bed and furniture. The female will lay her eggs out of harm's way but close enough to find a food source once they hatch. The newly hatched bed bug finds you from your warmth and the co2 you put out when breathing.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?customer ask what do bed bugs look like

Normally misdiagnosed as fleas, these biting Bugs are round/oval in shape and approximately 5mm in diameter. They can change in appearance by being brown in colour then going to a dark red after a feed. Their low profile can also change to a much rounder one after feeding.

 What Do The Bites Look Like?


The bites are not painful at first and this allows them sufficient time to get a good feed. It is not uncommon for a bed bug to be on you, feeding for up to 10 minutes. They will mainly target exposed skin closest to contact with sheets and pillows. Diagnosing Bed Bug bites can be tricky as they might not be signs for days. Some people will show no signs of being bitten and others may break out into itchy red welts. If you develop a rash after being bitten by suspected bed bugs we suggest you seek medical advice. It is possible for a doctor to give you an allergy test which may indicate what caused the irritation. This is a much faster result than sending a sample board to our Entomologist.

How To Get Rid Of  a Bed Bug infestation

The most expensive thing about them isn't the treatment process, it is in fact the amount the furniture (beds, mattresses, lounges, rugs and carpet) that customers throw away. Most times all this can be saved by using simple to install Bed Bug products. There are a number of products available to you, which will be needed as part of the total treatment. Your Trained Bed Bug Expert can advise you on what products will be suitable for yourself. The Adult Bed Bug can survive more than a year without having to feed so this is a long term application.

Bed bugs are one of the toughest pests to treat requiring a combined effort by us and the customer. Treating the adult is only the start of the process as there could be 500 eggs ready to hatch. We use a combination of both low toxic chemical and non chemical applications. We have a range of mattress, ensemble and pillow case protectors that your Technician will give you on the day of treatment. Also you will be provided a thorough "checklist" on things you will have to do the day before the treatment is done. It is essential you follow these instructions.

What If It Is Not Bed Bugs Biting Me?

We need to conduct an inspection first to identify that the biting insect is actually a Bed Bug that is causing the issue. Seeing bite marks on skin usually gets attributed to fleas or  Mosquitos or the bed bug but can sometimes be some form mites or lice. If we don't find a Bed Bug or Fleas in your home, but biting insects symptoms are present we can put down sticky traps to collect samples over the course of a week. The most likely thing would be mites or lice or even midges and mozzies. Being almost microscopic insects lice are very difficult to identify . Once we check the sticky traps and identify what's been biting you, we can do the correct treatment procedure to the biting insect that has been found.

dust mite bite image

This is what a dust mite reaction looks like.

Cost Of  The Treatment With Warranty

The treatment cost in dealing with bed bugs is more than your average Pest Control Treatment. This is because there is so much more involved in the treatment process and managing biting insects. The treatment will take two treatments. You will need 2 treatments so we can break the lifecycle and rid your home from these biting bugs. Your quoted price includes both of your treatments.  The Bed bug treatment has a 3 month warranty. So you will have peace of mind we will get rid of them and no more scratching.

To go through your Treatment and get a price, please call our knowledgeable staff on 32008586 or (1800862683).

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