Pest control Brisbane advice sheet what you need to do before we come

Pest control Brisbane advice sheet what you need to do before we come

Customer Information for General Pest Treatment.

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Pest control advice sheet

pest control Brisbane

Advice for inside and outside of your home before commencement of this service.
So for a successful treatment to your home please do:

Firstly remove all small items away from the base of the inside of the wall, it will make it easier for
the Technician to spray the skirting.
 If possible move furniture items away from the inside wall.
Remove or cover all exposed foodstuffs. Cover all dishes and utensils and surfaces where food is prepared.

. Any stationary pets, like fish tanks, bird cages can be covered with a blanket.
. Cats and dogs can be moved to the outside of the property.
. You should clean before the treatment as we recommend that you don't mop floors for a few days after the treatment.
. You must cover fish tanks and ponds. Also remove any loose items to the perimeter outside wall is recommended. and it's a good idea for you to take clothes of the line.

Pest control brisbane advice sheet

. You do not need to remove utensils from the kitchen cupboards.
. We will work with you and your family as to the best options for your safety and hygiene.

Drying time for the treatment will depend on the day, approximately we allow 1-2 Hrs. for the treatment to be completely dry and be safe for you and your family. Additionally you should open windows and put on fans to help the drying process.


During treatment our visual inspection will confirm if there is any infestation to a particular area of your home with the insects we are treating, we will also deal with any concerns from yourself.


Usually after the initial treatment there may be sightings of dead insects, this is perfectly normal after the treatment. Additionally with the treatment ,it flushes insects so you will actually see an increase in activity at first.
So The long term effect of the treatment will continue to protect the home. The treatment will repel and kill for at least for 12 months internally . And stop pests outside before they make their way inside.

Pest control brisbane advice sheet

Some Extra Information for the homeOwner

You can Store loose food in containers such as glass jars.
Also use trash containers with tight-fitting lids. Always remove unused boxes, papers, any piles of items that will help eliminate harbouring of insects.

Stop any water leaks, create plenty of ventilation and reduce moisture and condensation.
Regularly clean all cracks and crevices of food wastes and debris.
Seal cracks and other opening to the outside.
Also check all windows and door stripping for damage.
Other method of entry can be brought into the home especially appliances, furniture and
storage boxes.
Additionally For more information please call one of our friendly staff on+61- 0732008586.

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Pest control Brisbane advice sheet

Pest Control Brisbane Advice Sheet
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Pest Control Brisbane Advice Sheet
Pest control Brisbane advice sheet what you need to do
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