Termite Inspection Warranty – Get 12 months of peace of mind

We are so confident with our Termite Inspections. We are offering a 12 month Termite Inspection Warranty.

That's right! Once your Termite Inspection has been completed we offer a 12 month warranty. So if Termites are found within your property in 12 months of that inspection. we will treat the Active White ants for free.

All out termite inspections now come with a 12 month termite inspection warrantyNot many Pest Control Companies will stand behind their staff like we do. Having modern equipment like Termatrac T3i and thermal cameras gives us a deeper insight as to whats happening inside those walls. Plus with years of experience . We have learnt all about the different characteristics  of white ant species. and their known hot spots around your home.

To be eligible for the termite inspection warranty. Just follow through with the inspectors recommendations on the termite inspection report. Which is Towards the end of the report. And there will be a section called "additional comments" where the inspector will advise of conducive environments which need to be fixed before the warranty is valid.

These Conducive Environments will need to be rectified within 30 days to be eligible for the White ant Inspection Warranty. Once you have done so we will need you to email through photos of the rectifications.

Termite Warranty Exclusions

Therefore without being a budding gardener it is hard to know what is lurking in your garden. In fact it is the most Common areas for White ant Nests. Also we find them in overgrown gardens hidden away and thriving. Also our annual inspection includes the yard and gardens. So Protect yourself and your property with our 12 month White ant Inspection Warranty.

Furthermore The Termite Inspection Warranty is for Inspections carried out from the 1st of December 2016. Also Please be aware that this Warranty is not a timber replacement warranty or a repair of termite damage. And It is a no cost while ant treatment to active termites.

Bookings for your termite inspection 

To Book : Give Vicki or Lauren a call on 07 32008586 They will be happy to help. Or fill out our online form. We are offering a special price . If you book the service with a pest control we will do it for $295.00 . This will save you $85.00.

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