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Termite Treatment

Effective White ant Treatment.


Found Active Termites? Don't panic you just need an effective White Ant Treatment.

It's no secret that when you do find Termites at your place the best thing is to leave them alone and call a licensed professional. At Certified Home Inspections we don't just do Inspections we can do an effective white ant treatment that will rid your home of these pests.

termite damage found in door jamUnfortunately once you see signs of termites the termite damage can be widespread. In fact they have the ability to eat timber from the inside out only leaving a wafer of wood and paint on the outside.

Other signs of termites are bubbling or raised paint, commonly seen on window frames and architraves.

Depending on where the termites are found will mean the difference in the White ant  treatment options used. Our choice of insecticide (one form of Pesticide) for a Localised Termite Treatment is Termidor which is the market leading treatment solution available in a dust, liquid or foam. This covers all options for White ant  Treatment.

Additionally there is baiting treatments. Which is a great option as well but can take a little longer to eradicate them. The go to bait for us is exterminex which is the most attractive termite bait available, containing highly refined and preferred physical form of alpha cellulose matrix base fortified with termite attractant compounds and feeding stimulants.  which is a market leader in Termite eradication.

High Moisture Areas.

The most common areas we carry out termite treatments surround wet zones. With homes, either houses or units, termites target high moisture areas. The most common wet zones are Your Laundries and Bathrooms. Followed by specific parts of the dwelling that have dampness issues from a conducive environment that hasn't been repaired. Termites will exploit these favourable environments causing damage and potentially building a sub nest there.

What do Termites look like?


Termites or otherwise known as White Ants are mainly a little bigger than a black ant (depending on the species). Typically the soldiers have a white transparent body with a darker head and straight (bead like) antennae. The workers just have a transparent body and head.

White Ants With Wings or Flying Termites.(Alates) have the job to go forth and prosper. They have the job of reproducing and creating a new nest. Outside they normally get swept along with the wind and the majority are eaten by predators. However if a male and female find each other in a favourable environment then a new nest can be made.

Just like most household Pests, you can better protect your house with a proactive approach of annual Termite Inspections and Keep your Termite Barrier up to date. Hot spots will be reduced by removing conducive environments. More details can be found on our Termite Barrier page. Some termite species will have a nest out in the yard and use your house and a food source. By getting a Termidor Chemical Barrier you can catch these termites entering and leaving the dwelling. Termidor is scent free so termites forage through treated soil unknowingly.

 Why do we use Termidor in our Termite Treatments?

foaming termite treatment in wall

Termidor foaming Treatment

The major reason is due to it's unique transfer effect. Termites communicate through touch and also groom and feed each other. The Termidor foam Termite Treatment puts the chemical on them and then unknowingly they spread it to other termites in the colony. Being low toxic it is slow acting letting an affected termites go about its duty for a day or two.

Termidor exploits the nests one major weakness. A Termite Nest needs a minimum number of termites to survive. We go into a job wanting good chemical contact on the white ants. From there we want the transfer effect to get to the Queen or at least contact enough termites to reduce their numbers below the critical level.

Most of the time the nest found in the house is only a sub nest. The more termites we can treat with Termidor the greater the chance of them making it back to the nest. We know how to kill termites and it starts with Termidor. Over the last 15 years, Termidor has kept hundreds of thousands of Australian homes safe from termites without a single product failure. Have you ever heard Termites check it out and Have a listen to the termites.

Our Pre Purchase Inspection Just Found Termites

In our experience with Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections. When termites are found in a property you are buying then it's much better to deal with them yourself. We say this due to the level of risk associated with active termites. Can you be sure that an effective termite treatment has been done. Too many times we have seen cheap band-aid fixes done to push the sale contract through. Sounds horrible but we have walked away from jobs organised through some (not all) estate agents as what they were after 1. wouldn't be effective and 2. didn't meet Australian Standards. Our advice would be to extend the building and pest inspection clause. Then find a reputable company to do the termite work and have the invoice either paid by the vendor or the money discounted from the contract price. Consult your conveyancing solicitor for more information.

White ant  Treatment Cost

In fact the Termite Control Cost will vary depending on the size of the Termite activity. In Fact Localised Termite Treatments are counted as a Termite Treatment on Trees .Termite Treatments on stumps or a small area inside of your house/unit. Furthermore Prices start from $220 (Inc Gst). If the termite activity is in the house we recommend a termite inspection first. That way we can possibly see the extent of the activity. We pop in for a chat and give you an accurate free White ant Treatment Quote.

The service area we cover for termite treatments. is brisbane, ipswich, the gold coast and their surrounding areas.


Get peace of mind knowing you are getting a White ant  Treatment that will be professionally administered.  Also you get a warranty. Also We offer a complete range of Pest Control Services. from basic Pest Control to through Pre Purchase Inspections. Call us for a free fast quote or click on the "Instant Quote" bar at the bottom of this screen.

To Book your Termite treatment. Give Vicki or lauren a call  07 32008586 and they will be happy to hear from you. To Book online just fill out the form for a Quick Quote

Also You can book your Termite  inspections Brisbane and include a pest control and will only cost $295.00 saving $85.00.

Termite treatment

Treatment to termites in a tree

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