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Flying Termites 2021 (Updated)

Flying Termites. Are you seeing all these flying insects around or in your home? Wings everywhere in your pool, on your window sills? They are Termite swarmer's, (Or Termite Alates) They are the reproductive caste of the termite colony. During spring and summer when it is nice and humid and before it rains they will fly out…
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Termites 10 Things to Look for around your home 2021 (Updated)

 Termites 10 Things To Look For to reduce the risk of white ant attack and protect Your home. white ants Cause on average 1.5 billion dollars worth of damage a year to Australia’s Homes, timber structures and businesses. Why are white ants so Dangerous. Here are the 10 things to do to reduce the risk…
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How Good Is A Thermal Camera Finding Termites in 2021?

    How good is a Thermal Camera finding Termites in 2021? Thermal cameras and finding White ants  Often customers will ask us how good are thermal cameras in finding termite activity in 2021 . If you were to use it as the only instrument or tool to find white ants  then our opinion is…
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