Termite inspection zone for all homes

Termite inspection zone

The inspection zone is a visual area for inspection to see termites trying to gain access to your home.

The inspection zone... The building code states that all homes must have a  inspection zone for termites around the whole dwelling. You ask what’s that? Because white ants  cause massive amounts of damage to Australian Buildings. ( over a billion dollars annually and around $780 million to homes  and that doesn’t include damage to out buildings, fences etc) There are some building practices that must be adhered to. This is to mitigate the risk of termites gaining entry into your home and one is the inspection zone. Which is the area around your home that is visible at all times to see white ants  gaining entry.

Termite inspection zone

On concrete slab homes it is generally from the weep hole to the ground and it must be at a minimum of 75mm from the weep hole to the ground.. So how does the inspection zone work? With concrete slab on ground homes they must be fitted with physical termite barriers to pipe penetrations which is any pipes or conduit coming through the concrete slab. These are generally round collars that fit over the pipes to stop termites accessing your home through these areas. Also the perimeter is fitted with a physical barrier either a sheet type similar to damp-course, glass granules or a steel mesh. These systems are fitted to the area on the course of bricks just below the weep hole and covers the concrete slab stopping white ants accessing the structure from underneath.

Termite inspection zone

Area where the perimeter system is fitted

termite zone

collars fitted before concrete pour

Termite inspection zone

So now the tech stuff. Before these new physical systems, we only used chemical for under concrete slabs or ant capping for piers etc. So the problem with the chemical it run out after 10 to 12 years and we had no way to renew the under slab treatment which was becoming a bit of a problem for our homes.  And now we use physical systems and they must last at least 50 years. So what it is designed to do?. It is designed to push termites out past the slab to gain access into your home. So as you can see the inspection zone has a very important part to play in your homes termite protection.

I get a lot of people telling me they have a physical system installed they don't need an inspection or a termite barrier to protect their home. In truth we all need to be proactive in protecting our homes as the invent of physical systems hasn't stopped the termite damage bill in Australia from increasing.

Termite inspection

The physical system is fitted to the perimeter

In the Video this shows the concrete slab edge exposed. Around the whole property with no obstructions eg. Gardens or pathways breaching over the slab edge. This is a perfect Termite inspection zone which will pick up any termites trying to get into your home.


Termite inspection

Crawling around the subfloor isn’t much fun and not for the faint hearted but is essential for a termite inspection.

 inspection zone For Termites 

With homes on stumps this is also the case. But the inspection zone needs to be a lot more than that so we can inspect them. For us to gain access under your home we need a minimum clearance of at least 400mm to inspect all piers and ant caps. As you can see in the picture below, the ant capping doesn’t stop termites but makes them breach over the capping making them visible which what these systems are designed to do. So as you can see you need to get regular termite inspections done to make sure all these systems are working correctly and we will advise of areas you need to rectify.

termites zone

Termites have to show themselves to get over ant capping.


Termite inspection zone

In the picture above you can see the ground levels obstructs this area and covers the weep holes and this can allow undetected termite entry. So these people need to reduce the ground levels to expose the inspection zone . Adding to that they have a few areas of moisture which termites love.  like air conditioner and hot water service overflows draining adjacent to the house. This is like an open invitation for termites to come for dinner and that being your homes. Also we found damaged and open downpipes which discharge water next to the house.

Termite inspection zone
Termite inspection Zone

The inspection zone is clear around the whole house..You will definitely be able to see termites trying to access this home

If you are concerned about your home and if it is protected properly (Termite Barrier Protection) give our office a call and organise your termite inspection and we can let you know what you need to do to keep termites away from your home. Advise you on what termite Barrier Systems you have and if they need updating . Ring us now on +61 0732008586


Termite inspection zone
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Termite inspection zone
The inspection zone is a visual area for inspection to see termites trying to gain access to your home The building code states that homes must have a inspection zone
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