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Flying Termites

Flying Termites. Are you seeing all these flying insects around or in your home? Wings everywhere in your pool, on your window sills? They are Termite swarmer's, (Or Termite Alates) They are the reproductive caste of the termite colony. During spring and summer when it is nice and humid and before it rains they will fly out…
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Most Common Termite Damage Areas

 Most Common Termite Damage Areas Certified Home inspections has Inspected and treated 1000's of homes for Termites (white ants). When it comes to termites getting in to buildings damaging homes there are some common areas we find termites have gained access . Most of the active termites and damage we find is in concealed wet…
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pool safety certificate brisbane

 Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Inspections Are you selling a home or renting a home in Brisbane with a swimming Pool? Don’t let accidents happen to your children or anyone else on your property.  Drowning of young ones happens much too often in Australia. So we need to help to prevent this from happening. The safety…
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frequently asked Termite questions

Frequently Asked Termite Questions Termites are feared by all home owners Throughout Australia and we get asked all the time about how best to protect their homes from these very destructive pests. Termites cause more damage to homes, buildings and timber structures than anything else combined. Here we have the most common asked white ant…
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