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Do i need a building and Pest Inspection

Do i need a building and Pest Inspection The simple answer to this question is yes.. Why would you risk buying a potential disaster for the sake of a few hundred dollars.. These inspections are to inform you of the condition of a property so you can make an informed decision about whether to buy…
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Termite Damage in 2019 the worst year ever

A History of Termite Damage in 2019 In this post we will show you some images of some of the white ant damage we have found this year and it is just insane. So don't Risk it and think you will be ok.. the chances are you wont!! [caption id="attachment_12977" align="aligncenter" width="300"] white ant damage…
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What Is The legal Ceiling Height In Queensland

Don't Get Caught Out Buying A Property Where Bedrooms Don't Meet The Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland. Know Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland. There is a huge temptation to build in underneath a raised home to get more usable space to live in. Sounds simple enough but it is catching Vendors out when trying to…
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Termite Barrier Protection Baiting System Chemical or Physical

Chemical Termite Barrier, Baiting System and Physical Termite Barriers. What is the best Termite Barrier Protection for your home. [caption id="attachment_12926" align="aligncenter" width="239"] Protect your home From this[/caption]     There is an ongoing debate  right now in the pest control industry as to whether or not a Chemical Termite Barriers or a Termite Baiting Systems and Physical…
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