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Thorough Termite Inspections with the Termatrac T3i

Thorough Termite Inspections with the Termatrac T3i and Thermal Camera During Termite Inspections using the latest termite detection tools , the Termatrac T3i and Thermal Camera gives  a better understanding to what is happening inside those walls. Gone are the days of only tapping and gouging timber and using the old resistant type moisture meters.…
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Brisbane building and pest inspectors

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan Certified home inspections  | Brisbane Building and Pest Inspectors with years of experience Certified Home Services will not use one inspector that does both the termite and house inspection. By using the two separate inspectors you will have the best possible outcome. What is generally the…
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Passing a Building and Pest Inspection and what you need to do

 Passing a Building and Pest Inspection what you need to do. As a seller or Buyer, passing a building and timber pest inspection is probably the most stressful part of the sale. We would recommend you get a pre sale inspection done and rectify any major or minor issues found before you put your home…
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Flying Termites

Flying Termites. Are you seeing all these flying insects around or in your home? Wings everywhere in your pool, on your window sills? They are Termite swarmer's, (Or Termite Alates) They are the reproductive caste of the termite colony. During spring and summer when it is nice and humid and before it rains they will fly out…
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