Termite Damage in 2019 the worst year ever

.A History of Termite Damage in 2019

In this post we will show you some images of some of the white ant damage we have found this year and it is just insane. So don't Risk it and think you will be ok.. the chances are you wont!!

Termite Damage

white ant damage found in the roof void we had 4 homes in one week

Termites and the damage have become the norm with all the Building and Pest and Termite inspections this year. We are almost averaging one in two homes and all the statistics say one in three. The drought could have a lot to do with the increase in activity as termites are in search of moisture and our homes have plenty of that.


roof timber eaten

This Termite damage was found after we recommended a more invasive inspection.

So it is very important to keep moisture away from your home. With things like gardens next to your house is definitely a no no. Gardens have both moisture and a food source and generally we find that weep holes are covered which will give white ants easy access into your home.

Gardens retain moisture and foliage is a good food source and also obstructs weep holes giving easy access for termites.

Termites love moisture

air conditioner over flows are one of the major culprits causing moisture around homes.







So it is a good idea to connect overflows to the drainage system. So it does not create moisture which termites need and love. Also keep gardens away , but if you don't want to remove your garden just make sure it is kept trimmed clear of the inspection zone and weep holes and don't apply mulch.

 History of Termite Damage in 2019

Termite inspection zone

This is what your Termite inspection zone should be like

With the picture above the inspection zone is a perfect 75mm from the weep hole to the ground and also has an exposed concrete slab edge which is part of the termite management. This is designed to see termites breach the system so they are visible before they enter the home. So it is important to keep it clear of gardens, water tanks , pathways etc. But most homes we inspect during Building and pest inspections, most of these areas are not compliant which makes the homes extremely high risk to get termites. We then recommend the inspection zone to be exposed or if this is not possible we say a termite barrier is essential to reduce this risk.

termite Damage

This termite damage was found and was very unfortunate as it was a retired Policeman's home and he was very upset by the find

People say to me about termites in the fence or a nest in the backyard if they leave them alone they won't come to my house. That is not a way to deal with white ants, they are always foraging around looking for food to feed their ever growing colonies. It is always recommended to treat any termites within your property.

Termite Nest

It is always recommended to treat nests on your property

Termite Inspections

So don't leave them alone get them treated as the nest will keep growing and in the spring they will reproduce and start new colonies. During the what we call the flight season white ants fly away to start colonising elsewhere. So if you see flying termites (alates) around your home you know a nest is close by or even in your home. It is wise to get a termite inspection done fairly quickly to determine whether they are in your home or not.

As you can see in the video above i took a few weeks ago these termites are ready to go and start reproducing. So if you see them in your give us a call to check your home. Sometimes you will be able to see where they are coming from. As the workers actually make exit holes for the flying termites to get out. you can actually see like cut marks in your wall or ceiling linings or even timber skirting , door frames etc.

termite damage

This home had over $120,000.00 worth of Termite damage and was classed as a safety hazard.

The homes we have found white ant damage in this year have got into the roof void. Which generally means there will be substantial damage throughout the whole house and will cost in the tens of thousands of dollars to repair. We have in the past had homes that had to be demolished due to the amount of Damage done and were deemed unsafe to live in and beyond repair.

Termite Protection Brisbane

This damage was found in a young couples first home and they were completely devastated.. The repair bill for them was around 70k.. not the ideal start for a young family..

 History of Termite Damage in 2019

Most of our phone calls come in and the people have found the damage accidentally. Either during vacuuming and putting the head through the skirting boards. We had one gentleman ring up after he was dusting his tv that was on the wall and fell off... That place had a nest inside the wall. That was from the ceiling to the floor and 9 meters wide absolutely phenomenal. Usually we find sub-nests but this was the main nest inside his home.

Termites cause major issues

Unnoticed for some time large white ant colonies can ruin your home in as little as six months

Termite Treatments

The picture below we done the Termite inspection and found the termites tracking under her carpet throughout the whole home. But luckily for her the damage was mainly in and around the wardrobe and bathroom.

This lady opened her walk in robe door and it fell off..

We Treated the termites in her home  with a termite treatment using termidor foam. And then we installed a termite Barrier using Australia's Number one in Termite Protection TERMIDOR H E.

Termite Barrier

Trenching and treating with Termidor H E . Her home has 8 years Protection with a warranty.

I could put up a thousand pictures of termites and the damage they cause but i won't. All i want to do is educate people on how to protect their homes from these terribly destructive pests.. Please give certified home inspections a call and get a termite inspection booked its the least you can do ....

White ant Nest

Area behind where the hot water service used to be and this was another massive nest

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