A Termite Barrier by Termidor H E

A Termite Barrier by Termidor H E and Certified home inspections

Termidor H E The best Termite Barrier Protection (White ant protection) today

Termidor H E

Certified home Inspections Accredited Termidor Applicator.









White ant protection

Need to renew or install your Termite Barrier. At Certified home inspections. ( and certified Home Services). We Only use the best white ant protection in the market today. So Don’t settle for second best make sure you get the most advanced termite protection available.

Termidor H E

In fact you will be eligible for the Termidor 2 Million Dollar warranty .

Luckily, your risk of major white ant damage can now be controlled. In fact Over the last 15 years. Termidor has kept hundreds of thousands of Australian homes safe from termites without a single product failure.

Now the new Termidor HE is taking the best level of protection to a new, higher level of protection and convenience. So a two million dollar warranty says everything. So make sure you use only Termidor.  If you act before termites do any damage making your home safe from termites is easy.Furthermore Your accredited Termidor applicator. will quickly create  the best white ant protection zone. This provides lasting peace of mind.

Termidor H E. White ant protection

Termite Barrier Brisbane White ant protection

Termite management With Termidor H E

So if you need your white ant barrier system renewed or need a termite barrier installed . Give Vicki or lauren a call to book in a free quote. Give them a call on 0732008586.

Also you will need a Termite inspection done before any white ant barrier system is installed. In fact at certified home inspections an inspection is free with every installation. Also we give a complimentary pest control as well. In fact this is a saving of $380.00

Other Areas we service. Brisbane , Gold Coast , Logan , Ipswich.

Other Services.

In addition to termite barriers. certified home inspection offers all aspect of pest control.

Also we offer Building and pest inspections

Call Now for your Free quote.


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