Termite Inspection

Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane Do together and save

Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane. It's an Industry Recommendation that Queensland Homes have an Yearly Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane. Firstly Once home owners learn the benefits of an Yearly pest control and termite inspection it's easy to protect their home. Secondly you want to break the pests breeding cycle. So having your…
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Termites Found during a pest inspection using the termatrac T3i

Termites Found during a Pest inspection. Termites Discovered during inspection. During the building and termite inspection i picked up some moisture readings using the Termatrac t3i in one of the bedroom walls. This area i marked for further investigation. As it is not normal to find moisture readings in a internal bedroom wall. Moisture found…
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Building and Pest Inspections and Issues found in High set homes

Building and pest inspections. Termite inspections and Building and Timber Pest Inspections and the Issues found in High set homes. When we get the call to inspect high set homes. I know some of the time this will be a tough inspection especially if it has been built in underneath. In fact when the owner…
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Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection

Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection? What's the difference? Whether you are buying a new property or are an existing owner you would have heard the terms Pest Inspections or Termite Inspections thrown around. Both are extremely important but what is the difference between the two? So we will go through the major differences. firstly the Pest Inspections…
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