termite barrier

Termites Found during a pest inspection using the termatrac T3i

Termites Found during a Pest inspection. Termites Discovered during inspection. During the building and termite inspection i picked up some moisture readings using the Termatrac t3i in one of the bedroom walls. This area i marked for further investigation. As it is not normal to find moisture readings in a internal bedroom wall. Moisture found…
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Termite Barriers and Correct installation

Termite Barriers Termite barriers and the correct way to install them. Firstly Termite Barriers installed incorrectly puts your home at risk from Termite (white ant) attack and you won't be covered by the warranty. We will tell you the correct way for termite treatments. So your Termite Barrier protection will fully protect your home. If…
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A Termite Barrier by Termidor H E

A Termite Barrier by Termidor H E and Certified home inspections Termidor H E The best Termite Barrier Protection (White ant protection) today [caption id="attachment_11444" align="alignleft" width="300"] Certified home Inspections Accredited Termidor Applicator.[/caption]                 White ant protection Need to renew or install your Termite Barrier. At Certified home…
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