Do a pre sale building and pest inspection-Pre sale building Inspection

Do a pre sale building and Pest inspection before you sell

do a Pre sale building and pest inspection.

pre sale building inspection

It is advisable to do a pre sale building and pest inspection. This can save you from having contracts fall over because of unknown issues. And can save you a lot of headaches.

Do a pre sale building and Pest inspection before you sell

Termite Damage found during a Building and Pest Inspection

In fact when we do a pre purchase building and pest inspection. and we find serious issues that the current owner doesn't know about. The process becomes a little tougher for all concerned. The prospective buyer either breaks the sale or they want some money off the purchase price to remedy the issue. Additionally you the seller becomes a little anxious as this is not the expected outcome. as you can have expensive repairs to deal with . Roof repairs , termite treatments and barriers to install just to mention a few. These things you don't want as the whole process can become a bit of a ping pong match.

Be Prepared.

Do a Pre sale building Inspection.

You the seller need to be one step ahead and make sure there are no issues with your property.  Furthermore This will save a lot of stress and will give you the best possible outcome and you will get maximum value for your property. This will actually make the whole process just a little easier. get your Pre sale building and pest inspection done will be the best decision before selling your property.

pre sale building inspection

pre sale building inspection

Termite leads found during a  Pest Inspection in Brisbane.pre sale inspection

So if you are selling your home and want an inspection . Give Vicki or lauren a call on 32008586.  they will answer any questions you have  and book a convenient time for your inspection .We do building and pest inspections in all of Brisbane , Gold Coast , Logan and Ipswich

at Certified Home inspections and Services. We also offer other Pest service services .

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