Pool safety certificate brisbane (Updated) 2021

 Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Inspections

Are you selling a home or renting a home in Brisbane with a swimming Pool? Don’t let accidents happen to your children or anyone else on your property.  Drowning of young ones happens much too often in Australia. So we need to help to prevent this from happening. The safety of these people is your responsibility and  You need to make sure your swimming pool is safe and compliant by getting a pool safety certificate brisbane inspection.

A  safety certificate ensures that your pool complies with Qld  laws and standards. So if you are selling, renting or living in your own property, you must have an inspection done by licensed and insured  pool  inspector  to get your safety certificate.

 Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Inspections

Did you know that As of the 1St of December 2015, all homes and properties in Queensland are required to have a current up to date compliance certificate. Certified home inspections provide thorough pool inspections at a time that suits you, with quick report turnaround, throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Bayside and Gold Coast. Once you pass the pool compliance inspection your  certificate will be valid right away. Also we offer a repair service to take away the hassle of reinspection.

The Pool Safety Inspections

  • Clear and accurate same day reports
  • All Certificates are submitted  within 24 hours
  • Clear photos with detailed description of any non compliance  in the reports
  • Same Day Reports usually within 24 hours
  • Compliance issues fixed on the day if possible (once quote Accepted) eg: Signage, latches etc
  • We also send Reminders to you before your  certificate  is due to expire.

Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Inspections

Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Inspections

Meet Brian  our Safety Inspector


Before the inspection and what you need to do.

A lot of inspections don’t pass due to items that are not safe and don’t comply with the government’s regulations and standards.  Don’t let this happen to you.  So you need to Educate yourself as to what the standards are in Queensland .  Since our inspectors use the Queensland's government’s standards we want you to use the government’s pools checklist, to see what is required.

So have a look the  QLD  Inspection Checklist and QBCC checklist  to make sure you pass your inspection the first go. If you’re located in NSW, the laws are a little  different. Read about getting a NSW Pool Compliance Certificate here.

New Pool Safety Laws

pool safety certificate brisbane.

As of 1st of December  2015  all homes with pools in Queensland have to comply with the new  laws even when selling or renting a property.

Shared Pools

If residents of multiple residences  share a pool. (such as through body corps). The owner MUST provide tenants with a copy of a up to date   safety certificate before signing a lease.

This law affects all businesses...Which  also includes hotels, motels, holiday resorts, backpackers and any body corps that manage any type of accommodation. A shared pool safety certificate is only valid for 1 year and must be inspected and a new certified is issued .

Renting  A Property With Pool

If a pool is within a residential property that is only accessible to the current tenants. It is classed  as a non-shared . The owner of the property must ensure that a current  safety certificate is up to date before signing a new lease or renewing a current lease.

Residential Pools.

Home owners with a non-shared residential pool. Must make sure  that the  fences comply to the latest pool fence standards. The Safety certificates  for these types of pools are valid for 2 years.

Selling A Property With Pool

Selling a property with a pool - If there is no active/valid safety certificate in place before settlement then the seller/vendor must provide a Form 36 to the buyer and to the QBCC.

Buying a property with a pool. - If the purchaser accepts the Notice of No pool Safety inspection Certificate issued by the vendor/seller you have 90 days from settlement to get a Safety Inspection.

.Buying A Property With A Pool

If you are buying a property, a pool safety inspection will inform  you to what items are non-compliant and how much it will cost you to get them fixed. We can provide a quote for you. At Certified home inspections we offer Building and pest inspections . So get all 3 done together.


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So you Still have questions?  Please give us a call on 0732008586.  Or send through an online enquiry. We provide thorough   safety inspections throughout South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Gold Coast ,Ipswich and Bayside .

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