Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection

Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection? What's the difference?

Whether you are buying a new property or are an existing owner you would have heard the terms Pest Inspections or Termite Inspections thrown around. Both are extremely important but what is the difference between the two?

So we will go through the major differences.

firstly the Pest Inspections

The biggest difference is  Pest Inspections (formally called a Timber Pest Inspection) is used as a pre purchase inspection. When buying a property this is something that should be part of your due diligence. The Check  targets multiple timber pests that are detrimental to timber in and around your house. These pest are;

  • Termites
  • Mold
  • Wood Borers
    • Common Furniture Beetle
    • House Longhorn Beetle
    • Powder Post Beetle
  • Wood Decay Fungus
    • Brown rot
    • Soft rot
    • White rot

Although it's name maybe a little misleading, pest inspections actually doesn't cover house hold pests like cockroaches and rats etc. In saying that if we do come across those infestations we will pass that information on as well.

Termite Inspections

While A Termite Inspection is something we recommend to all our clients on an annual basis. The best way to protect yourself from a foraging termite infestation is with an annual inspection. Like the title suggests, the target pest is for termites only. While still a very thorough inspection, we are only looking for signs of termites - Previous Activity / Current Activity / Future Conducive Environments.

Do you need a Termite Inspection or Pest Inspection

What is included in both a Pest Inspections and a Termite Inspection

What Both inspections cover -

An External Inspection - which looks for signs of timber pest activity (termites included) around the dwelling. This includes the fence line as termites can tunnel some 50 metres. Gardens, trees, fences and other timber structures like timber retaining walls. It also covers conducive environments which need to be fixed or removed completely to lower your termite risk factor. More information about termite risk factors around your house can be found on our Termite Barrier Page.

Subfloor Inspections - which looks for high levels of moisture which is an indicator for other problems like termites and timber decay.

Internal Inspections - covering all the timbers elements inside. In fact Every Termite Inspection or Pest Inspection is done with a thermal imaging camera. Also the Termatrac t3i to give us a deeper insight into what is happening in the dwelling. Timber Joinery, Windows and Door Jambs, Stairs etc are all inspected.

Ceiling Space Inspections - In fact we jump up into the ceiling space provided it's safe to do so and inspect the timber elements for signs or timber pest activity.

So if you are after a Pest Inspection or Termite Inspections then get in contact. We have highly experienced teams with state of the art technology

To Book your Inspections  : Give Vicki or lauren a call on 32008586 and they will be happy to hear from you. To Book online just fill out the form for a Quick Quote

You can book your inspections and include a pest control and will only cost $295.00 saving $85.00

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