Moisture in Termite Inspections what we look for

Why we look for Moisture in Termite Inspections and why it is so important.


Moisture in White ant checks is the major item we are looking for. Whether we are doing an annual WHITE ANT INSPECTIONS or even a Building and pest inspection before you buy your new home.


Hot water Overflow draining moisture next to the house

So why is moisture around the home so important? In a word TERMITES! In fact termites are always looking for a constant source of moisture. So if you supply it they will find it ,which puts your home at high risk. So make sure that you fix any leaking taps . Connect air conditioner and hot water overflows to the drainage system. In short keep your house dry and free of any moisture .In Fact it is very rare to find termites in a home that has no water issues.

Moisture and Termite Inspections

Moisture next to the house

Air conditioner Overflow draining next to the house

In fact the more moisture issues we find around the home the more likely we are going to find termite issues so it is important to rectify these wet areas.

Gardens up against the house may look good . But they retain moisture and conceal the weep holes. Additionally that can allow termites to get into your house unnoticed. In fact this is one of the most common areas termites access your house. So Do Not put gardens next to your house.

moisture in termite inspections

Gardens Retain dampness Remove them 

Drainage including blocked guttering and leaky down pipes as this allows water discharge next to the house. GET THEM FIXED. Also if you have a water tank make sure the overflow is connected to the drainage. In fact you should check the water tank and pumps regularly for leaks.

Termite inspections Inside the home

Equally important is Water issues inside the home . Whether doing an annual termite inspection or a building and pest inspection we are on the hunt for moisture in the home. in fact the main areas to look is your bathrooms , laundry and kitchen .But we check all internal walls and exposed timber for moisture . Our moisture meter of choice is the Termatrac T3i as this uses direct and relative moisture detection. Other types of meters use resistance to measure moisture which can be restrictive and can give false Readings if used incorrectly.

uses direct and relative moisture detection

Worlds number one termite detection tool used in all Termite inspections

So Give vicki or Lauren a call to book your Termite inspection : 07 32008586.

areas we do building and pest inspections are Brisbane- Gold Coast - Ipswich and Logan .

moisture in termite inspections

Building and pest inspections

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