frequently asked Termite questions (Updated) 2021

Frequently Asked Termite Questions

Termites are feared by all home owners throughout Australia and we get asked all the time about how best to protect their homes from these very destructive pests. Termites cause more damage to homes, buildings and timber structures than anything else combined. Here we have the most common asked white ant questions from our customers. All home owners fear a termite attack and hopefully your frequently asked termite questions are answered here.

Q. If my home has had Termites  previously will they come back?

A. Firstly previous activity would have left old termite mud leads underneath and around your house and termites leave pheromone trails indicating food sources. Additionally these old mud tunnels will be brought back to life with a little bit of work from the next colony. With this in mind it is extremely important that you keep your termite barriers up to date to stop the termites from coming back. Also we  strongly recommend an annual timber pest inspection  for total peace of mind.

Q. So how long does it take termites to cause damage?

A. Firstly it depends on which species and size of the colony. Additionally if termites go undetected for 12 months or more they will cause a significant amount of damage. This is why it is strongly recommended you get at least one inspection a year and keep your barriers up to date.

Termite Damage

Left long enough termites can cost you thousands


Q. How do I know which Termite Barrier system to install to my property?

A. So the best and most accurate way is to have one of our senior timber pest experts come out and assess your home for what type of protection is right for your home and give a free onsite quote. During this assessment we can have a look at the construction type of your house and the conditions that attract termites and give you advice on how to reduce the risks around your home .

Q. How long does it take to install  Termite Barriers?

A. Most Protection barriers can be installed within a day with two technicians but depends on house size and whats around your home.

frequently asked Termite questions

frequently asked Termite questions

Termite questions

Q. How long does a termite barrier last?

A. Chemical systems will last from 1 year to 8 years. Physical systems must last at least 50 years and baiting systems are unlimited subject to yearly renewals and inspections.

Q. Are termite Barriers safe?

A. Yes once the chemical is dry there is no risk to your family and the enviroment.

Q. So if My house is built on a concrete slab are we safe from Termites?

A. All houses built on a concrete slabs are more prone for termites to attack. Also they don't have the advantage of a house built on stumps with ants caps where you have a clear view of the subfloor for timber pest inspections. So it only takes a small crack in the concrete, or a gap in the pipe penetrations or ground movement or subsidence and termites can enter your house. Newer homes built after 2000 now have  physical barrier systems installed. Additionally this will push the termites to the outer edges and will expose their activity.

frequently asked Termite questions

frequently asked Termite questions

More Questions and Answers

Q. Termite Inspections how long do they take?

A. Most white ant Inspections will take one to two hours to  be completed, depending on size and how many issues are found. Also we offer same day reports, which will be emailed to you the same day and generally a few hours after the inspection.

Q. What equipment is used during Termite Inspections?

A. All our Termite Inspectors use different types of equipment which may include;

  • Termatrac t3i the world's number one termite detection tool
    frequently asked Termite questions

    frequently asked Termite questions

  •  Moisture Meter
  • Thermal Camera
  • Timber sounder
  • Video Borescope if termites are found
  • Formitize Reporting Software
  • High Definition Digital Camera


Q. Do you charge any extra for using the thermal equipment?

A. The thermal equipment is used in all our  inspections ( Weather conditions Permitting) at no additional charge.

Q. How can I pay for the Inspection or Treatment?

A. So once the appointment time has been confirmed, you will receive your invoice. It can be paid by the following methods;

  • Cash on the day of the service
  • Credit or Debit Card over the phone
  • Online bank Transfer

Q. I have a steel framed house, do I still need an annual Inspection?

A. A steel framed house still has many timber components that can be damaged by termites. So we still recommend an annual timber Pest inspection.

Q. If you find Termites can a treatment be done straight away?

A. Yes All our inspectors are licensed Timber Pest Technicians and can carry out all termite treatments. First they will give a quote and if that is accepted they will go ahead with the treatment.

Q. Does the termite treatment come with a warranty?

A. The treatment will get rid of the termites in your home but if you don't get a termite barrier there is no Guarantee that termites won't come back.

Q. What is the cost of a Termite Inspection?

A. A termite inspection cost will vary on the size of the house. Prices start at $198.00 (Inc Gst).

Termite Myths Busted

So If your question wasn't answered, please Phone us on either 0732008586/1800 862 683.  Also you can use our contact form and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What do termites look like?

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