Termite Nest In BackYard Was Thought To Be Inactive For Years

There was a Termite nest in backyard and was left to sit for years after customer got poor advice from a family friend.

In fact A sticky note with "Termite nest in backyard" was left on the kitchen bench recalls Tony - one of our Senior Termite Inspection Brisbane Inspectors. I continued on with my normal checklist throughout the inside of the house and then made my way outside. Inspecting the fence line the Termite Nest was easy to find. I found active termites in mud leads throughout the fence and these lead me back to the nest. It was active and thriving. I called the customer who was around the corner to come back to the house.

I went through my findings and the customer was gobsmacked.  The customer explained how he was told the termite nest was dead and to make sure of it the family friend drowned it in diesel. "Let it sit for awhile to let the diesel soak in", that was two years ago.... Talk about poor advice.

Tony broke up the nest and to his amazement found the queen. "I have found many nests during my years as a pest controller but most of them are inactive, it was a real treat to break open a live nest to find the queen". It is because of Tony's quick thinking of recording the Termite Queen we get to show you this today.

How To Treat A Termite Nest

So The nest was broken up further and drenched in Termidor. As well as the local area with the Termicide being injected into the surrounding ground. The Termite Species was Microcerotermes and while not one of the more aggressive Termites. they still can cause damage to your home.

This was a great find with the customer being ecstatic with the end result. An annual termite inspection would have fixed this years ago and saved the damage to the fence. Scrunching up the "Termite nest in backyard" note. The customer stated he was keen to catch up with the now not so popular family friend.

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