What Attracts Termites To My House – Tree Stumps

Help minimise your Termite Risk Factor

What attracts Termites to my house

Have you Ever wondered "What does attract Termites to my house?" To minimise your Termite Risk Factor you want to remove all the conducive environments from your home. Tree Stumps and Crowns left to rot away in the ground is a massive white ant attractant. Firstly termites look for places to build a nest or a sub nest, extending the reach of a settled mature colony. Having a dark, warm and damp environment protected from predators is ideal and just what stumps offer. Simply having the stump grinded to below the grass line is not enough. The crown of the tree sitting in the warm damp earth will do just fine for a Termite Nest. The worst part is it could be there for years and you would never know.

What attracts Termites to my house

The best method is to remove both the stump and crown out of the ground. Anyone who has done so can tell you it's not an easy job. Below the soil line close to the stump is a series of thick roots that make it hard to drive in a shovel. That is why stump grinding is the favoured method but as stated above, it doesn't remove the problem.

Is there a better way?

What will attract Termites to my house

We strongly suggest you have a localised Termite Treatment done if you cant remove the stump. What happens here is we drill 10mm holes deep into the stump and inject Termidor. Termidor is a market leading chemical which Termites cannot detect. It is slow acting so the termites will go about their business whilst passing the termicide deeper into the colony. As well as the treatment to the stump we also trench and inject the surrounding area to catch any white ants foraging for food.

What attracts Termites to my house

Also Moisture is the biggest factor for attracting termites. so make sure you fix any leaks or moisture issues around your home.

So to answer to what will attract termites to my house, it is conducive environments. More information can found on our Termite Barrier Page.

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