What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? See them Here

You can see the bites on your skin but
what do bed bugs look like?

what do they look like

Snacking on you while you sleep at night. The bugs are easily hidden in the confines of your bedding, carpet and furniture. So what do they look like?and yes you can see them! Normally misdiagnosed as flea bites, many customers will spend a considerable amount of money on flea treatments and see no reprieve from the true biting insect.

what do these biting insects look like

Bed Bugs are one of the most hardest pests to get rid of and really require a specialist pest controller with previous successful treatments. The Bed Bug Treatment is very detailed. therefore requiring action from both the pest control company and the customer. We use a range of low toxic chemicals and non chemical applications as part of the Bug Management Program.

How Do Bed Bugs Get In My Home?

Bed Bugs are great hitchhikers and are the most well travelled insects in the world. Unlike other household pests, they are not the result of poor food or personal hygiene. Two of the most common ways to get them is from travelling and the other is purchasing "pre loved" furniture. They don't discriminate between a 5 star hotel and a backpackers lodge.

customer ask what do bed bugs look like

what do bed bugs look like

So The good news is nothing has to be thrown away. We have mattress, pillow and ensemble protectors to place on your bed. In time these will help trap the Bed Bugs and as a result, eventually starve them. It is important to note that these protectors are only part on the total program and will fail if used separately.

Fun Fact: Blood drawn from Bed Bugs have been used to collect DNA evidence in serious crime cases.

So If you are being bitten at night and are asking yourself what do these biting insects look like visit our Bed Bug Page. Furthermore you will find more information about about their Identification and Treatments.

We get quite a number of calls asking what bed bugs look like and yes you can see them if you look..

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