Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane Do together and save (Updated) 2021

Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane.

It's an Industry Recommendation that Queensland Homes have an Yearly Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane.

Firstly Once home owners learn the benefits of an Yearly pest control and termite inspection it's easy to protect their home. Secondly you want to break the pests breeding cycle. So having your treatment every year will accomplish this. So If you don't and you wait until you see cockroaches or other pests again then you are starting back at square one.

annual pest control and termite inspection

All Homes risk voiding their 8 year Termite barrier Warranty without adhering to guidelines which states a Termite Inspection is required every 12 months. Furthermore your Termite Management Systems can be inspected by a licensed Termite Technician to uphold it's warranty. So Add to this a General  Control Treatment and you are well on your way to break the pests' breeding cycle. So having an Yearly Pest Control and white ant Inspection gives your a bug free home and peace of mind about foraging white ants.

Yearly Termite Inspection Brisbane, Gold coast

Schedorhinotermes which are widespread in Brisbane.

A Termite Inspection is completed to Australia Standards and we are Licensed and Insured to perform such work. We inspect the ceiling space (actually get in there and crawl around), house internals, house externals, sub floor, fence line and gardens. Also we check your Termite Barrier is effective.

Our Equipment we use is;

  • Termatrac T3i
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Scientific Grade Moisture Meter
  • Acoustic Probe
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Digital Reporting Software

We have Same Day Reports so you get your reports emails to you that afternoon.

annual pest control and white ant inspection

General Pest Control Treatment

Annual pest control and termite inspection. We use cockroach gel in our general pest treatment which is effective and inconspicuous.

Cockroach gel applied to a hinge. Yearly Pest Control and Termite Inspection

Also the General Treatment uses low toxic chemicals that are safe for Family and Pets. Additionally There have been advances in the chemicals used and no longer is your house saturated inside and out with a course chemical agent. Also we use Gel baits, Stick traps, Dusting. As well as a Misting spray to targeted areas of your home.

The active agents in the low toxic chemicals generally last for up to 12 months internally. Additionally We are offering a 12 month internal warranty . So if the treatment doesn't work we will come back and re treat at no cost.

annual pest control White ant inspection

Also we treat targeted areas of your house for the following pests;

  • Australian Cockroaches
  • Internal Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish

Our Pricing

  • Termite Inspection Only $220.00 (Inc Gst)
  • Termite Inspection Combined with Pest Control $330.00 (Inc Gst)
  • Pest Control Only $220.00 (Inc Gst)

So Simply fill in your details and in the comments put your preferred availability (Date and Time).

From there we can arrange your annual bug control and termite inspection!

So Give Vicki or Lauren a Call on 32008586



For Your Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection

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Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection

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It's an Industry Recommendation that Queensland Homes have an Yearly Pest Control and Termite Inspection Brisbane.

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