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Smoke Alarms – What is required from you as a buyer, home owner or landlord.


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See how the new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation affects you. Visit Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website here to find out more information.


How Fast can Termites cause damage?


The speed of Termite Damage in which Termites can inflict to a property varies depending on several elements. Probably the biggest factor is the maturity of the colony. An established nest can have around 2 million termites and a well set out network of tunnels in and around your property. They can get in and out quickly, especially if disturbed. A colony of this size is estimated to be able to eat 500mm of 4x2 within a fortnight.

This is why we stress to follow up on recommendations given in your reports and to remove conducive environments from around your property. The smart home owner gets an annual Termite Inspection to help alert you to foraging termites.

termite damage - timber cornice destroyed by termites


What Is A Common Conducive Environment for termites


Discharge of water from damaged/leaking plumbing and overflow pipes from air condition units directly to ground can compromise the building and provide a concentrated moisture source for foraging termites.
Termites could exploit this constant supply of moisture and possibly establish a colony close to the building from this moisture source.
We advise to repair all damaged plumbing. Air Conditioning and Hot Water System discharge pipes can be either extended to a nearby drain or directed further away from the building to alleviate this problem.
We recommended to seek further advice from a licensed plumber.

More information can be found on our Termite Barrier Page.


My Timber Pest/Termite Inspection Report Had Recommendations – How long do I have to do them?


The answer is IMMEDIATELY.

The recommendations are based on Conducive Environments which may attract Termites. It is imperative that these recommendations are acted on straight away to lesson the chance of Timber Damage caused by Timber Pests. A mature termite colony under perfect conditions can destroy a 500mm piece 4 x 2 pine timber within a fortnight. The most common types of Conducive Environments are gardens up against walls, damp subfloors, stumps left in the ground, moisture in walls and air con or hot water systems overflowing to the ground. Removing these environments and installing a Termite Management System (Termite Barrier) is your best bet against foraging termites.


What Pests are covered in the General Pest Control Treatment?


The following pests are covered in our General Pest Control Treatment

  • Australia Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders

Here are a list of pests that Certified Home Inspections General Pest Control Treatment covers.




The General Pest Control Treatment is to help stop any pest infestations inside your house. It is an Industry recommendation to have an annual Pest Treatment to break the pest breeding cycle.

German Cockroaches are not included in the General Pest Treatment as they require a more targeted treatment where assistance from the home owner is required.

*Please note that our Pest Treatment is not a Pest force field that will stop all pests from entering your property. Yes! it is extremely effective in treating foraging pests in your house but you still may get an odd spider or cockroach throughout the year. Why? Because Cockroaches and fly in from neighbouring houses and spiders such as Huntsmans have small claws at the end of their legs and don't feed themselves using their legs. This minimises the effectiveness of the treatment chemical.

** The 12 month warranty is internal only. We offer a free recall to treat again if the treatment has not been effective but this is at our discretion. Fortunately we have a high success rate with our treatments the first time but cannot stress the importance enough of an annual treatment.


When do I have to pay my Invoice?


Unless prior arrangement has been made we ask for the below payment terms.


  • Building and Pest Inspection - Paid before the day of Inspection
  • Separate Building or Timber Pest Inspection - Paid before the day of Inspection
  • Termite Inspection - Paid before or on the day of Inspection
  • Pool Barrier Safety Inspection - Paid before the day of Inspection


  • General Pest Control Treatment - Paid prior or on the day of Treatment
  • Specialised Pest Control Treatment - Paid prior or on the day of Treatment
  • Localised Termite Treatment - Paid on the day of Treatement
  • Termite Management System (Termite Barrier) - Split payment of 50% deposit then final 50% on completion or EZIPAY monthly payment plan

Sadly there have been a small few that have not paid their invoice after Inspections or Treatments have been completed (more common on Building and Pest Inspections where the house fell short of expectations and the contract was cancelled). So to protect us and keep from raising our prices, non payment will lead to your details being passed onto our Mercantile Debt Collection company and will incur a penalty of 20% of your total invoiced amount. We feel the need to do this also to protect all the great customers who pay on time.



How can I pay my Invoice


To make life a little easier we offer five ways you can pay your Invoice.

  • Online: Pay your bill the smarter way using your credit card
  • EFT: Details on the bottom left corner of the Invoice shows our Banking Details
  • Phone: You can call one of our friendly staff to make payment over the phone via credit card
  • Direct Deposit: The invoice amount can be paid into our account at any Westpac branch
  • Cash: Although not our preferred method of payment, if need be we can take cash payment on the day.

We no longer accept personal or business cheques.

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