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Termite Damage in 2019 the worst year ever

.A History of Termite Damage in 2019 In this post we will show you some images of some of the white ant damage we have found this year and it is just insane. So don't Risk it and think you will be ok.. the chances are you wont!! white ant damage found in the roof…
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Pre purchase building pest inspections and what we like to see(2021 (Updated))

Pre purchase building pest inspections and termite inspections what we like to see. Termites Inspection Zone concrete slab on ground. The Building code states   Requires an inspection zone of 75mm to be provided around perimeter of the dwelling. This inspection zone is for the purpose of termite inspections . So the inspection zone must be…
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Termite Barriers and Correct Termite barrier installation

Termite Barriers and Correct termite barrier installation in 2021 White ant barriers and the correct way to install them. Firstly termite Barriers installed incorrectly puts your home at risk from Termite (white ant) attack and you won't be covered by the warranty. We will tell you the correct way for barrier treatments should be installed.…
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