termite damage

Termites recorded during a termite treatment Listen to the Video

Termites recorded by our Termite Inspector during a termite treatment. We upset the termites once we treated them. [caption id="attachment_2078" align="alignleft" width="216"] Foaming Treatment to the termite subnest in the wall.[/caption]             Once we started treating the termites they started making a clicking sound and that told me we were…
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Two inspectors equals best results building and pest inspections

Building and pest inspections Make sure you choose Two inspectors. Twin Inspectors and Pre purchase Building and pest and inspections. [caption id="attachment_11601" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Termite nest missed and it is in plain sight.[/caption] Firstly you should always choose twin inspectors. This is the most important decision that you will make is to get inspectors that…
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Termite Treatment – Effective Low Toxic Chemical With Treatment Warranty

Termite Treatment Effective White ant Treatment .   Found Active Termites? Don't panic you just need an effective Termite Treatment. It's no secret that when you do find Termites at your place the best thing is to leave them alone and call a licensed professional. At Certified Home Inspections we don't just do Inspections we…
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