What Is The legal Ceiling Height In Queensland

Don't Get Caught Out Buying A Property Where Bedrooms Don't Meet The Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland.

Know the Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland. There is a huge temptation to build in underneath a raised home to get more usable space to live in. Sounds simple enough but it is catching Vendors out when trying to sell the property. A perfect example is a old Queenslander. 5 bedroom 2 storey home where two of the bedrooms have been added downstairs along with a laundry and lounge room . Sounds like a great use of space! And it could be if the habitable areas meet the Building Code Legal Ceiling Height in Queensland.

A Habitable Room As Stated By The Building Code Of Australia Is

" a room used for normal domestic activities and

Includes a bedroom, living room, lounge room, music room, television room, kitchen, dining room, sewing room, study, playroom, family room, home theatre, and sunroom.
Excludes a bathroom, laundry, water closet, pantry, walk-in wardrobe, corridor, hallway, lobby, photographic darkroom, clothes drying room, and other spaces of a specialised nature occupied neither frequently nor for extended periods."

What Is The Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland?

The measurement is to be taken from the finished floor height to the lowest part of the ceiling or the lowest protrusion of the ceiling. This is important to remember if you are the ones renovating as this may change the material you can use on the floor. The two main measurements are 2400mm and 2100mm as explained below. Home owners wishing to raise their home should take into account plumbing, wiring and structural beams which may need even more additional space to hide these items.

The Habitable Room Legal Ceiling Height in Queensland is as follows;

Building Code Legal Ceiling Height

For Building Class 1 - 2 & 3 a habitable room MUST have a minimum height of 2400mm. The Exception is a Kitchen, laundry, hallway or corridor where the height can be a minimum height of 2100mm.

If the room fails to meet the minimum ceiling height requirements then it is deemed to be a "utility room".

What Is The Legal Ceiling Height In Queensland

This is the legal ceiling height in Queensland. Other State and Territories may be different. When buying a property arm yourself with a thorough Building and Pest Inspection Company.

"So The possibility of catching out buyers wanting dual occupancy is high if they don't get a solid Inspection" says Anthony, Inspections Manager of our Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane Teams.

*note: this is to be taken as general advice. Please refer to your local council for more information. Here are Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast Council pages on building works.

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