Termite Treatment – Peace Of Mind With Low Toxic Chemicals And Treatment Warranty

Found Active Termites? Don't panic you just need an effective Termite Treatment.

It's no secret that when you do find Termites at your place the best thing is to leave them alone and call a licensed professional. At Certified Home Inspection we don't just do Inspections we can do an effective termite treatment that is backed by warranties!

timber-termite-damageUnfortunately once you see signs of termites the termite damage can be widespread. They have the ability to eat timber from the inside out only leaving a wafer of wood and paint on the outside.

Other signs of termites are bubbling or raised paint, commonly seen on window frames and architraves.

Depending on where the termites are found will mean the difference in the termite treatment options used. Our choice of insecticide (one form of Pesticide) for a Localised Termite Treatment is Termidor which is the market leading treatment solution available in a dust, liquid or foam. This covers all options for Termite Treatment.


What do Termites look like?


Termites or otherwise known as White Ants are mainly a little bigger than a black ant (depending on the specie). Typically the soldiers have a white transparent body with a darker head and straight (bead like) antennae.

White Ants With Wings or Flying Termites have the job to go forth and prosper. They have the job of reproducing and creating a new nest. Outside they normally get swept along with the wind and the majority are eaten by predators. However if a male and female find each other in a favourable environment then a new nest can be made.

Just like most house hold Pests, you can better protect your house with a proactive approach of annual Termite Inspections and a Termite Barrier if need be. Hot spots can be reduced by removing conducive environments. More details can be found on our Termite Barrier page.

 Why do we use Termidor?

The major reason is due to it's unique transfer effect. Termites communicate through touch and also groom and feed each other. The Termidor Termite Treatment puts the chemical on them and then unknowingly they spread it to other termites in the colony. Most of the time the nest found in the house is only a subnest. The more termites we can treat with Termidor the greater the chance of them making it back to the nest. We know how to kill termites and it starts with Termidor.


Termite Treatment Cost

The Termite Control Cost will vary depending on the size of the Termite activity. A Localised Termite Treatment would be counted as a Termite Treatment on Trees or Termite Treatment on stumps or a small area inside of your house/unit. Prices start from $220 (Inc Gst) but it's best if we pop in for a chat and give you an accurate Termite Treatment Quote.


We have the Termite man that's right for the job! Have peace of mind knowing you are getting a Termite Treatment that has been professionally administered. All treatments are backed by warranties. Call us for a fast quote or click on the "Instant Quote" bar at the bottom of this screen.

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