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Safe and Effective Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills

Live in Bald Hills and need an effective Silverfish Treatment ?

Our Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills teams are the best in the business! Our licensed and experienced Pest Controllers will carry out an effective Silverfish Treatment backed by a Warranty. Our modern techniques target known breeding areas and with the help of the customer, we can soon have you on your way to a pest free home. A LOT has changed in the Pest Control Industry and no longer should you come back to a drenched house smelling like coarse chemicals.

silverfish-treatment treatment Bald Hills


All our Silverfish Treatment sprays use chemicals that are low toxic but when the word pesticide or insecticide is used people start to worry. We are lightly misting areas of your house and when dry it's safe to touch. Gone are the days of horrible smelling chemicals drenching the inside of your house. The fact is what we use around your house is generally safer than the chemicals the average house has in their kitchen sink cupboard. Our Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills team are well versed in the correct and responsible use of pesticides.

Certified Home Inspection Online Form is the quickest way to organise your Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills

DIY Silverfish Treatments or Organic Pest Control has a high failure rate as they generally work off a chemical called Pyrethrin (Py-re-thrin). This Silverfish Treatment Spray has no lasting effects once dry. Effective for direct contact onto insects but to remain pest free the best option is to use a licensed pest technician who can offer a time based warranty.

What areas of the house are treated in a Silverfish Treatment?

Depending on the Pests being treated our Technician may treat the following areas using a combination of a misting spray, gel, foam, aerosol or dusting;

  • Ceiling space
  • House Internals
  • SubFloor (underneath the house)
  • House Externals
  • Garage & Carport
  • Weep Holes
  • Fence line
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Our Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills consist of a combination of misting sprays, dusting, aerosols and gel. Extremely effective yet safe for Family and Pets.

Certified Home Inspection Online Form is the quickest way to organise your Pest Control Treatment and Termite Inspection

A Guide to reducing Foraging Pests

Make your house pest UNfriendly by removing their food and water sources. Leaking plumbing and appliances that capture waste water need to be fixed and cleaned. Pet food should be stored in an airtight container and not be allowed to stay outside overnight. Bins need to be cleaned regularly and food scraps/waste placed in air tight bags.

The right Pest free foundation starts with an Annual Pest Control Treatment. It's important to do a yearly pest treatment as the chemical used have a limited active agent in them that generally lasts 6 months. A once a year treatment breaks the breading cycle and will greatly reduce your pest issues.

Annual Pest Control is the Industries proven technique to have a pest free home. Having a General Pest Treatment every 12 months breaks the pest breeding cycle and is the best proactive approach to a happy home. We normally pair the annual pest treatment with an annual termite inspection to give our customers extra peace of mind. Give our Silverfish Treatment Bald Hills Team a call and compare our quote. You will Save $$$!

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