Termite Inspection Nobby Beach with Pest Control Expert and Thermal Camera

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Protecting yourself from Termites & White Ants in Nobby Beach STARTS with a thorough Termite Inspection.

Although highly intelligent pests, there are certain characteristics to Australian Termites that gives our Termite Inspection Nobby Beach Team a good idea on how and where they are going to attack your house. The Termite (also known as White Ants) loves two things, timber and moisture and unfortunately most houses in Nobby Beach have ample of both. The most common areas which receive the most Termite Damage are the bathroom, the laundry and kitchen. Why? Because they are wet areas and most likely have moisture issues.

Poor ventilation to subfloors, inadequate or damaged drainage around the property or air conditioners and hot water services overflow leaking to the ground create conducive environments, perfect for Termites and other timber pests. With Termites eating timber from the inside out, by the time you discover them the Termite Damage might be substantial.

Conducive Termite Environments found by our Termite Inspection Nobby Beach Team

Examples of Conducive Termite Environments. Trees/Gardens against the house. Hot water system overflow leaking onto the ground. Our Termite Inspection Nobby Beach Team will advise if you have any.

Understanding Termites and Pest Control is just the start of why Certified Home Inspections can offer such thorough Termite Inspections in Nobby Beach. Each Termite Inspector carries an array of State-Of-The-Art equipment that includes a Thermal Imaging Camera. The Thermal Camera is included in all our Termite Inspections at no extra charge and gives us a better idea of what is happening in those walls. A well established Termite nest will radiate heat but what we are mostly searching for here is again, moisture. Termites themselves are created of 90 % liquid and there would be 100's if not 1000's of them in or around the nest.

This surprisingly doesn't make the nest anymore easier to find as they are normally hidden in confined areas protected from predators. The bad news is that if we find a nest, depending upon the specie, it may only be a sub-nest.

Where do we look in a Nobby Beach Termite Inspection?

All our Termite Inspectors are agile enough to enter roof spaces and under floor areas (Subfloor). These two areas are the best indication of termite activity as they make the perfection environment for Termite Nests. An inspection from the man hole is no replacement for a thorough roof/ceiling space inspection!

Areas included in the White Ant (Termite) Inspection are;

The subfloor inspection is one of the most important areas to inspect in a Termite Inspection Nobby Beach.

The Subfloor is one of the most important areas of a Termite Inspection.

  • Roof Space
  • Timber Elements in Roof Space (Trusses, Joists etc)
  • Timber architraves
  • Timber Joinery
  • Stairs
  • Windows and Door Jambs
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Subfloor
  • External Timber Elements to House
  • Gardens
  • Landscaping (Retaining Walls & Garden Edging)

What Termite Inspection Tools do we use?

Our termite inspection Nobby Beach team use a thermal camera on every inspection

Out Termite Inspection Nobby Beach Team will use a Thermal Camera on every Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging Camera - For detecting moisture that is hidden to the naked eye and Termite Activity
  • Acoustic Probe - For hearing the change in sound in timber which can help identify hollowed timber (Termite Damage)
  • Sensitive Digital Moisture Meter - For picking up areas of high moisture, past the normal threshold for a house.
  • High Resolution Digital Camera - for taking photos of areas of concern
  • Borescope - Long cabled Digital Camera to look into walls and voids for Termite Damage or Activity.
  • Digital Reporting Software - To log all areas of concern and create the report onsite

Live in Nobby Beach and found Termites? Do I need a Termite Inspection?

termite mud lead found in termite inspection in Nobby Beach

This is not a tree/plant root but a Termite Mud Lead.

Yes, is the answer. We have to check the extend of the Termite Activity and how the Termites have entered your house. We need to find out if there is a Termite Nest or a Termite Sub Nest in your house or around your yard. This is where industry experience and modern equipment is needed. .

The Termite Inspection (also known as a White Ant Inspection) will bring up conducive conditions around your property which can be fixed to lower the chance of termites in the future. This lowers your Termite Risk Factor. More information about conducive environments can be found on our Termite Barrier Page.

A Termite Treatment is fairly inexpensive and would normally range from $200 to $600. Remember if you do find Termites at your place do not disturb them. Good contact with a premium chemical (Termidor) is needed for effective treatment.

Certified Home Inspection Online Form is the quickest way to organise your Pest Control Treatment and Termite Inspection

To stay on top of Foraging Termites we strongly recommend an Annual Termite Inspection from an authorised Pest Control Company. All our Termite Inspectors have years of experience and carry a range of high tech Termite Inspection Tools which include a Thermal Imaging Camera. Call our Termite Inspection Nobby Beach Team to arrange a quick quote and a convenient Inspection time.

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