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Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba

Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba

Our Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba customers tell us one of the most daunting feelings of buying a house is if there will be any costly repairs needed in the future. Certified Home Inspections is here to help take that feeling away by completing a thorough Building and Pest Inspection. Once you call through we do all the running around for you organsing access to the property. We try to make Building & Pest Inspections run as smooth as possible and it's one less thing you have to deal with.

Two Inspectors + Thermal Imaging Camera + Same Day Digital Reports With Photos

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Our Building And Pest Inspection Clagiraba Team Use A Thermal Camera At No Charge

Australian Standards state that a visual inspection is all that is required by the Industry. At Certified Home Inspections we want to look further and have invested heavily in Advanced Equipment.

Thermal Camera is part of the equipment list on a Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba

Our Equipment Includes;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Acoustic Probe
  • High Definition Digital Camera
  • Digital Borescope
  • Digital Moisture Meter
  • Digital Reporting and Image Capturing Software

We invite all customers to attend the Home Inspection so our guys can walk you through the findings at the end.

Each Building and Pest Inspections Clagiraba Team Has 2 Inspectors + Thermal Camera

All our teams are made up of one Qld Licensed Builder and one Timber Pest Inspector, both Certified for Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections. The classic "Two heads are better than one" saying has never been more true. Our Twin Home Inspectors go through the property in different directions and tip each other off to areas of concern.

Quick Turn Around On Reports

We invested a lot of money to make our business completely paperless. This speeds up efficiency (In the office and out in the field) which means we can get the reports to you a lot faster. The secret is in our digital Building and Pest Inspection report which is completed onsite and includes photos of all the areas of concern. Each Inspection Report is quickly sent back to the office where they are quality control checked and then sent off to you. The average time it takes to have the reports in your email inbox is four hours. This really is an advantage especially when you find a last minute auction and need every thing fast. We are the home inspection company to go to.

The areas we inspect are

The Building & Pest Inspection Clagiraba covers the following areas;

  • On top of the roof (limited to lowset homes and weather conditions)
  • In the ceiling space (Yes we jump up in the man hole into the ceiling)
  • Underneath the subfloor (provided there is sufficient height under there, usually 500mm or more)
  • Inside the house
  • Around the outside (which includes decking, carports, grannyflats, garages and sheds within 50 metres of the house)
  • Gardens, retaining walls (non structural), paving and fence lines (all within 50 metres of the house).

What do we look for?

With the Building Inspection Service we look for;

  • Minor and Major Defects
  • Incomplete Construction
  • Structural Damage
  • Moisture (Dampness)
  • Safety Hazards
  • Standard of Construction

With the Timber Pest Inspection Service we look for;

  • Termites (White Ants)
    One of the most common termites found in our Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba

    This Coptotermes Termite love eucalypts timbers. Widespread in QLD

    • Current Activity
    • Previous Damage
    • Future Conducive Environments
  • Fungal Decay
  • Wood Rot
  • Wood Borers
  • Moisture (Dampness)
  • Previous Termite Treatments or Barriers installed

Termite Treatment Services

If we find termites or signs of termites then we would recommend a borescope inspection. After gaining written consent from the vendors we can place our borescope into the wall through a series of 10mm holes and have a much better insight to the extent of activity or damage. This minimises the guess work and can possibly show where the termites gained entry. The Borescope Inspection realy provides peace of mind and is a great alternative to stripping large areas of wall. For best results we advise to disturb the termites as little as possible.

The Termite Treatment is completed by the same Timber Pest Inspector that originally inspected the property. We use a chemical called Termidor which is safe for family and pets. It has a unique transfer effect where the termites pass it onto one another through communication and grooming. Only our senior Technicians conduct the Termite Treatments which come complete with warranties. From there you can further protect the property with a Termite Barrier. This all depends on the construction type, dampness of the soil and gardens/plants which surround the house. Not all homes need a barrier and our Pest Inspector can explain how you rate of the Termite Risk Factor.

We also offer a Pest Control Service on settlement so you can move into your house pest free. This is the best time to do it as the place is unfurnished and can remain closed up for a day or two.

So if you are buying a house or selling one and in Clagiraba and need an honest and thorough Building and Pest Inspection, think of Certified Home Inspections. Free Thermal Camera Imaging Done On Every Inspection. Fast, Same Day Reports.

Simply fill in our Fast Quote Form or Live Chat one of our Building and Pest Inspection Clagiraba team by pressing on the "Instant Quote!" at the bottom of the screen to find your Building and Pest Inspection Cost. Compare Our Quote To Save.

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