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Bed Bugs – How To Identify And Treat Them

Sleep Tight And Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite! Having Bed Bugs Is Not A Personal Hygiene Issue! Bed Bugs invade all types of living quarters from High End Hotels to Humble Back Packer Hostels and every where in between. They are probably the most well traveled insect specie with infestations being spread mainly by…
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Safe and Effective Pest Control – Live a bug free life

Need a safe and effect Pest Control Treatment with a Warranty? We will do a Pest Control Treatment which is effective in killing unwanted pests but at the same time being safe for families and pets. Our modern techniques target known pest breeding areas and with the help of the customer, we can soon have you on…
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Termite Barrier – Protect Your Home From Foraging Termites

Been told you need a Termite Barrier around your House? A Termite Barrier is not the ONLY option! Each house fits into the Termite Activity Risk Factor Scale which has 5 levels. Low Low to Moderate Moderate Moderate to High High Our licensed Termite Technicians can tell you what risk factor your house falls under…
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