Renew your Expired Termite Barrier

Expired Termite Barrier ?

Just like you would expect an expired Termite Barrier is no longer protecting your home from foraging Termites. So bring Your Termite Barrier Back To Life And Protect Your Home

Why Renew your Termite barrier

Living in South East Queensland we need to understand Termites are part of everyday life. They are everywhere and are catching homeowners out. Unfortunately people put Termite Protection to the back of their mind until they cross paths with these timber munching critters. Many homes have an expired Termite Barrier and are in danger of huge potential damage. A mature termite colony that has been left to grow over several years can do devastating damage to timber with a few months. Depending on the specie, age of the nest and the local conducive environment. Termites can eat through half a metre of 4 x 2 within 2 weeks! Now that is plain scary!
Pro-active Termite Control is not expensive and can help protect your greatest asset for up to eight years! If you have an expired Termite Barrier or one that is coming to the end if its chemical warranty period then seek advice on the cost of reinstating it.
Depending on your Termite Barrier, most of the time we can use the existing drill holes and reinject the termicide through them. We only use the best chemical available which is Termidor.
Most Termite Barriers are installed because of previous Termite Activity. It is just the way it goes. So if your home has a barrier installed prior to you moving in then there is a good chance there are termites in your area. It makes financial sense to have an active Termite Barrier in place rather than deal with the heart ache and financial burden of repairing Termite Damage.
Give Vicki or Lauren a call on 07 32008586 to organise a free onsite quote. It is important that we answer all your questions and concerns. Then go can through your options on reinstating your expired Termite Barrier.

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