Building and Pest Brisbane Team Record Termite Noises During Inspection

Ever Have Someone Tell You They Could Hear Termites In Their House And You Thought It Was Total B.S?

In fact our Building and Pest Brisbane inspection Team has proved that this could be possible! Furthermore Termites are an incredibly intelligent insect specie. The colony is a fine tuned feat of engineering with each termite castes knowing their specific role. Unknowingly to the home owner these Termites have been busy making mud tunnels (leads) throughout the house to expand the reach of the nest.

Building And Pest Brisbane Team Locate Termites

1 in 3 homes in Brisbane will have had termite activity in the last 10 years. It is just something we have to prepare for living in South East Queensland. Here we have a video of a routine Pre Purchase Inspection by one of our Building and Pest Brisbane Teams. The Pest Inspector uses an acoustic probe to listen for hollowed out timber which has been eaten by Termites. Tapping the timber framing he was surprised to hear the Termites tapping back! What do Termites sound Like? What is happening hear is the soldier Termites bashing their heads against the timber to send a signal back warning the colony of a potential imminent attack. Pretty clever hey!

The Buyers Still Bought The Property!

That's right. We came in a couple of days later and conducted an Invasive Inspection to locate the Termite Activity. A simple process where we drill a series of 10mm holes in the wall and insert our cable camera (borescope). Then we foamed the localised area with Termidor which makes for an extremely effective Termite Treatment. A great result with the vendor paying for the treatment as part of the new contract agreement.

Get one of the most thorough Pre Purchase Inspections on the market. In fact Our Building and Pest Brisbane Teams are the best in the industry. Each team consists of a separate Building Inspector and a Pest Inspector which use a Thermal Camera and no charge.

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